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 Brook Ramsey

Brook Ramsey is an expressionistic artist who does murals focused on community healing.  She also explores a lot of studio work that is exhibited throughout Northern Florida.  Brook uses her studio work to educate about struggles in the world where change is needed, and uplifting stories of where change has already begun. She creates work paired with messages to help people come to understand their true nature as unlimited, and uses the combination of language and imagery to help people lift away from the limited belief systems they have set in place.

Artist, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, North Carolina, muralist, portrait, painter, Merrit's Pasture

While Brook works to keep actively engaged with local galleries, she also finds joy in commissioned art of portraits, pets, and landscapes. She works to honor the visions of each client to capture the essence and spirit of the subject, while at the same time adding her own unique style to each piece. Brook aims to make every commission enliven a space, and bring a long term source of inspiration for all who view. To see the different mediums Brook works in, such as oil paint, acrylic murals, chalk pastels, clay pottery and more, be sure to check out the portfolio below!  


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Cell phone: (717) 460-3158

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The Spirit: An interpretation of the Metaphysical realm- life after death, connecting to Source, the journey to one's highest self, out of the body experiences, lucid dreaming, spiritual guides, etc.

Oil Paintings

Light The Way 60"-48"
Finding Home 60"-48"
Inner Radiance 36"-48"
Earth Spirit 48"-48"
Through the Looking Glass 48"-48"
The Sound of Soul 48"-48"
Release 48"-48"
Source Connection 48"-36"
Discovering Magic 48"-62"
Mystery 48"-44"
Safe Space 36"-48"
Realm of Creation 36"-48"
Transcending Thought 48"-60"
Water Drops 30"-40"
Rest On a lily Pad 36"-48"
Instinct 36"-48"
She Is an Island 36"-48"
Realm Of Reflection 48"-48"
Ponder 3.5"-4"
Life Beyond Life 48"48"
Passage 48"-48"

Chalk Drawings 

The Girl and the Lion 18"-24"
As Below So Above 56"-42"
A World Within
Traveling Soul 9'-5'
Simplicity 25"-37"
Recall 26"-35"
Pour Into Stars 25"-37"
In a Dream 26" 30"
Through the River in the Forest


Under The Sea
Under The Sea
Avatar Room
Avatar Room
Arcade games
Arcade games
Hope Grows Mural plan
Hope Grows Mural 50ft-15.5ft
Hope Grows Mural 50ft-15.5ft
Hope Grows Mural 50ft-15.5ft
Work in Progress
Work in Progress
Breaking Through
Breaking Through
Genetic Soles 70"-115"
"Eyes of Venice"
"Eyes of Venice"7-by14ft Mural
"Eyes of Venice"7-by14ft Mural
Mock ups
Explorer Mural
Explorer Mural
Forest Mural in Nocatee
Forest Mural in Nocatee
Girl's Bedroom

Ink and Book Pages: An image is worth 1000 words 

Upside down Umbrella 17"-21"
Cathedrals 18"-24"
Sanctuary 20"-25"
Remember 25"-24"
On our Head in or Heart 14"-14"
Underwater Rays 10"-14"
Ocean 18"-24"
Aquarium 18"-24"
Dragonflies 16"-20"
Enlightenment 24"-24"
Fly Away
Cycle through Life 18"-24"
Journey 18"-24"
If I stay 18"-24"
Creature/ heart/ hands 10"-10"
Musical Heart 11"-11"
Bear on a Unicycle 16"-20"
Hidden 5"-8"
Blank Walls 5"-12"
Windy Nights 8"-12"
Old wooden Bridge 18"-24"
Vision Quest 16"-24"
Rover 18"-24"

Identity and Culture: A series bringing awareness from people around the world facing hardships. Discarded materials are used reflect the lives of those who have to make due with little.

World Of Faces
Dead Sea


Yin and Yang
Like a River, Like a Rock
Flying Dragon
Birds and the Village
Fairy House
Fairy House

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my art and my page!

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For those who are interested in the artistic process I have created some time lapsed videos so you can see the creation process in action! 

Timelapsed Art

Timelapsed Art

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